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Q: Do I need to drill a hole to fit the lights?
A: No, SILS uses induction / contactless technology that requires no penetration of the hull

Q:  What is the min / max gap required between the internal power unit (Primary) and the light (Secondary)?
A: A gap of between 5mm - 45mm is required.  There must be no metal or water in between the gap.

Q:  What is the wifi zone available?
A:  Up to approx. 50m (unobstructed)

Q:  Are the lights controllable without a phone or tablet?
A:  Yes, there is a manual switch on the main master control box

Q:  Can the lights be made smaller?
A:  Yes, but the light output will be less / gap smaller. Plans for a smaller version of SILS are in the pipeline

Q:  Will the lights work through metal hulls?
A:  SILS will not work through bonded metal like steel or aluminum, although it can work through metal mesh, as long as it isn’t bonded metal.  Bonded metal does not work well with Inductive systems.  The best material is GRP or wood

Q:  How do you line up the primary with the secondary?
A:  The master unit is supplied with a line up tool comprising of a 3 compass system with centre magnet and template. Fitting instructions will be available online 

Q:  When fitting the lights, should I start with the outside of the boat first or the inside?
A:  We would always advise starting with the inside, mainly so that any obstacles such as pipes etc can be accounted for.  It is always best to have a good idea of the internal engine room space before ordering 

Q:  How many lights can I have on my boat?
A:  The master controller can sync up to 50 lights per system. If you needed more, a second master would need to be purchased

Q:  How far apart should the lights be from one another?
A:  This is entirely up to the customer, although we suggest they are no closer than 300mm between centres.  Typically lights tend to be placed around 1 meter apart

Q:  Can the light housing corrode?
A:  No, SILS is made from a special material that has no metallic content in it, therefore will not corrode

Q:  Should the lights be anti-fouled?
A:  Yes. We recommend all our lights are anti-fouled. This can then be routinely done at the same time as the hull antifouling is performed

Q:  Voltage?
A:  24v, 2 amp per light, 50w (worst case) depending on gap

Q:  How bright are the lights?
A:  This all depends on a few factors, how large the gap is between primary and secondary, clearness of water, what colour light you have selected to name but a few.  SILS is comparable to lights currently on the market that state 2000 fixture lumens. 

Q:  What is the best colour light to attract fish when fishing?
A:  Blue and Green have been scientifically proven as the best colour to attract fish, these two colours of light travel furthest through water

Q:  Can I spray paint the lights casing to match the colour of the hull/mast covers?
A:  Yes, but obviously cover / do not spray over the lens

Q:  Can SILS run outside of water?
A:  Yes

Q:  If one gets damaged, can another light be purchased and fitted in place of the damaged one or does it all have to be programmed to the master?
A:  Yes a replacement primary or secondary will just fit back in and then the master will just need a quick 5 minute reset

Q:  Does the light float?  
A:  No

Q:  Can I test the light before I fit them?
A:  It is recommended that you fit them first, this is mainly to avoid mixing up the number 1 unit (master) once it is synced to the master controller. If you do want to try first, please ensure you do not mix up any of the other lights with the one you are trying and make sure you use the initial one as the first and master unit.   Also ensure the gap (if you want one) is no more than 45mm and is not spaced with something metal

Q:  What happens if I put my hand between the gap and turn the light on?
A:  You should never put any body parts in between the primary (power unit) and secondary (light)

Q:  What makes you different / better than other underwater lighting companies?
A:  BGB SILS is the only manufacturer in the world to offer powerful contactless lights for the maritime industry. All our competitors require customers to drill holes through their very expensive yachts, which in turn changes the integrity of the hull.  We don’t believe in doing that, which is why SILS does not require any penetration of the vessel whatsoever.  Our ethos is to use the latest innovative technology to offer customers something different from the norm by using a new way of thinking

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