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The Top Five Benefits Of Underwater Lighting

Published 21st August 2018

Underwater lighting adds a touch of luxury to any yacht and, let’s face it, who wouldn’t like to flick a switch and see the water below bathed in a rainbow of colours? But underwater lights serve more than just an aesthetic purpose – they can also improve visibility and attract fish, along with a host of other perks.

If you’re wondering why you should equip your vessel with the latest marine light technology, then we have the answers.

No damage

With our background in engineering, we wanted to create a high quality marine LED that would wow customers, without risking damage to their boats. The BGB Submersible Inductive Lighting System (SILS) does just that, using marine grade adhesive to secure the system in place, avoiding any drilling or penetration to prevent leaks or damage to your vessel.


LED lights are ideal in a marine environment due to their high resistance against shock, vibrations and heavy impacts – perfect for unpredictable weather and choppy waters.

This form of lighting also lasts significantly longer than traditional lighting – with LED’s outlasting most fluorescent types by 2-4 times in length. Most importantly, they are also environmentally friendly!

Colourful bait

Some fish are attracted to certain colours, especially green and blue, because they have short wavelengths, so do not break up in the water.

Green lights allow you to attract baitfish (so long as you’re stationary) such as plankton, which subsequently attract their predators and so forth – eventually you could be creating your very own food supply, delivering the best fish directly to your boat.


Green, blue and white light can also help you to navigate through murky water because they deflect the grainy particles and make the water look clearer.

The underwater lighting from SILS is primarily attached to the stem (rear) of the vessel, meaning you can enjoy the views of the deep when docked.

Controlled remotely

Finally, the best part about SILS is that it can be controlled remotely from any smart device with Wi-Fi. Set the LED colour to suit your mood, water conditions or just for fun, at the swipe of a finger, and programme light sequences to automate when the lights go on and off. It’s the perfect party piece and is sure to impress any friends you have onboard.


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